The Skies we’re Under podcast – out now!

A brand new podcast by founder of Born at the Right Time, Rachel Wright, called ‘The Skies We’re Under’ launched yesterday.

In it Rachel, alongside her friends Sarah Clayton and Lucy Parr, talk about their lives going off script when they became parents of children with complex needs.

By their own admission ‘the sound is not as good as we hoped, but we are working on it’ and ‘Lucy swears within the first 2 minute so apologies for that – God created headphones for a reason (so children couldn’t listen to our podcasts) – so expect humour in this first episode as you get to know them and their families.

Join them every Wednesday morning on SpotifyPodbean and the Born at the Right Time website as they share the complexities, beauty and challenges of their lives and simply try to bridge the gap between one end of the week and the other!

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