Our care

Our supportive care for babies, children, young people and their families is all-encompassing. If required, this life-long support includes specialist nursing, therapies and ongoing wellbeing care through all the ups and downs.

Depending on a family’s needs and wishes, we can provide care in one of our hospices, in the family home, in hospital or in the wider community. This ensures every family receives care somewhere they feel safe and comfortable.

Nook Events

Support for families

We offer a range of support to meet the wellbeing needs of individuals and families. This includes social opportunities for families to come together and meet others.



Referrals can be made for EACH's services by anyone - family or care professionals.


Resources for professionals

We share our expertise with colleagues in our sector and work in partnership with health, social care and education colleagues to ensure continuity of care.

Our hospices

We have three hospices across East Anglia. The Nook in Norfolk, The Treehouse in Suffolk and one in Milton, Cambrideshire.

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