Transition resources

Discover resources to guide your transition to adult services. Explore the links below for valuable information to assist you along the way.

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Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives have produced a number of guides to support young people with life-threatening health conditions as they transition from children’s to adult support services:

Family Community

Get involved in Together for Short Lives' Family Community and voice your opinions on important issues.

My Care Transfer

Utilise My Care Transfer, a user-friendly care planning tool designed for young people and their families.

Advocacy Service

Access Together for Short Lives' Advocacy Service, connecting families with legally trained advocates for personalised assistance with various challenges.


Attend webinars hosted by Together for Short Lives, focusing on the transition to adulthood for young individuals with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Moving to adult services

Transition to adult services factsheet

Checklist to a good transition

Young peoples guide to personal budgets

More resources

Nice Guideline

Explore the NICE Guideline on transitioning from children’s to adults’ services, providing essential insights

Personal Health Budgets Guide

Access the quick guide on Personal Health Budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning for children and young people.

Bridging the Gap Toolkit

Discover the Bridging the Gap Toolkit, offering valuable resources for transition.

My Adult Still My Child

Visit "My Adult Still My Child," a website supporting parents and carers of young people aged 16+ who may need assistance with decision-making.

10 Steps Transition

Navigate the 10 Steps Transition website, offering accessible information and resources for the transition process, developed by Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Open University Sexuality Alliance

Engage with the Open University Sexuality Alliance interactive resource, designed to facilitate discussions about sex and relationships for young adults with life-limiting conditions, featuring videos and questionnaires.

Council for Disabled Children

Connect with the Council for Disabled Children, serving as the central hub for professionals, practitioners, and policymakers in the disabled children's sector.

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