The Giving Circle

The Giving Circle recognises and celebrates our supporters who are committed to being a part of EACH and who generously give on a regular basis.


When you become a member of the Giving Circle, you will receive invitations to exclusive Giving Circle social events, hospice visits, webinars and regular updates on the positive impact of your support.

Our hope is that you will enjoy being part of this unique membership so much that you will want to introduce new members; helping us create an important network of friends and influencers, and ultimately vital support for EACH.

Become part of the Giving Circle today by setting up a yearly Direct Debit of £1,000 or more.

Your £1000 makes a big difference, it could...


Provide five sessions of specialist hydrotherapy which could help a child relax, reduce muscle pain and improve mobility.


Provide 62 hours of specialist nursing care for a child or young person with a life-threatening condition.


Provide five counselling sessions of tailored emotional support to help families cope during difficult times.

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