There are hundreds of music making apps available, some of which are more use than others! Here is a brief introduction to the apps found to be most useful in working with children who have special educational needs and disabilities.
(Prices are added for information, correct as of April 2020.)

Aumi (free)
This uses the camera on the iPad as a sensor for picking up movement and turning it into sound.

AirHarp: touchless 3D harp by NR (99p)
Very simple harp which also uses the iPad camera to pick up movement and create sound.

Bloom (£3.99) 
This is a brilliant app for creating chilled and relaxing music created by Brian Eno. It is very easy to make beautiful and calm music and it always sounds great. It also has a video feature if you want to screen share onto a larger screen.

Echo String Lite (free)
A lovely harp sound, with different chord options and a colourful interface. You can record as you play.

Fender Tune (free)
This is a useful app to help you tune your guitar or ukulele. Lots of great features to help.

GarageBand (pre-installed on Apple devices)
This is the most powerful music-making app. There are many different features that enable an individual to play a range of instruments (guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, etc) and also write songs and tunes.

Magic Piano (free, can be upgraded at a cost)
This app gives you tunes to play which require some dexterity. There is also the option to play 'Solo: freestyle', which may be more useful. There are different options of keyboard layout. Once on the conventional keyboard you can shrink or enlarge it, and slide it along so a different range is available.

Novation - Launchpad (free in the basic version)
This app uses a grid system for creating tracks. You can save tracks and import them into other apps. It is easy to use and great if you like creating urban music.

SoundPrism (free)
This is a tool which allows you to create harmonic patterns very easily. At the same time it is quite sophisticated with many different settings available: it's well worth spending a bit of time getting to know the tool. There is a quick introduction on YouTube here, and more detailed instructions can be found here.

ThumbJam (£8.99)
This app has a range of over 40 quality instrument sounds and lots of different scales and arrangements to play. There’s even a Trombone where you can slide the notes, electric guitar and drums. It is very easy to play and has many features for those that want to develop their skills in playing the instruments. There is also a function to simplify the screen so it is easy to play.

Sensory and Musical

Bloom HD
Listen and create a generative composition – relaxing, gentle music.

Interactive gentle sensory sounds with colourful light animation.

Falling stars
Interactive and visual games, stars make sounds as they drop, can change patterns, sounds and visuals.

Interactive, make the robot sing, changes in pitch and tone as you move across the screen.

Interactive – spread and pop bubbles on the screen.

Forest Flyer (Sago Mini)
Navigate a little bird around her world and interact with different things along the way. Lots of lovely sounds.

Interactive game. Different animals, sounds and music. Create different compositions of music.

Musical Paint
Each colour is a different instrument and sounds change as you move across the paper to create a picture.

Music Box (Sago Mini)
Navigate along a journey and hear the nursery rhymes as you do.

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