Art therapy

Art therapy sessions provide individuals, both children and adults, with a platform to express themselves artistically, aiding in the release of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Led by experienced HCPC registered art therapists, sessions allow participants to set therapeutic aims at the outset. A variety of art materials are available for participants to freely express their emotions and creativity.

Art Therapy

What happens in a session?

A session may include: exploring different materials and textures using easily accessible arts and crafts; exploring communication together using mark-making; creating meaningful artworks and pictures with any chosen medium and about a subject specific to the child or young person; using art-making to help relax and express feelings so that a participant feels more able to talk about their worries; participants can also look at postcards and images made by other artists and talk about art and explore its meanings in connection to them.

To help understand the benefits of art therapy, please watch the short video below.

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Who can benefit?

Adults and children can benefit from art therapy, which could be offered after a period of assessment with our wellbeing service. Artwork produced in our sessions allows people to communicate worries or concerns that may be confusing, contradictory, or hard to put into words through art. Equally, art therapy can help children and their families in our care at end of life who have difficulty communicating verbally what they are feeling.


CREATE is our online art group for parents and carers. Our latest theme was ‘Art re-imagined’. Take a look at what we made in our CREATE Online Gallery below.

Hear from parents and carers about the group:

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Ways art therapy can be delivered

We offer therapeutic art sessions as part of short break care services. These sessions can be arranged as one-off opportunities for children in our care, supported by trained care staff and led by our art therapists. As well as face-to-face sessions, we have integrated virtual platforms for delivering art therapy. If interested, we can discuss options for virtual or blended sessions during the referral process, allowing families to explore and trial different experiences before finalising a plan.

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