Milton - Cambridgeshire

The hospice building has six bedrooms for children and four rooms for families to use for overnight stays. There is a multi-sensory room, hydrotherapy pool, music room, play room, teenage room, sensory garden and specialist outdoor play equipment.

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The difference our hospice makes

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“We can’t thank the hospice at Milton enough. Each and every staff member was amazing and made sure Fraser was comfortable at all times. We have two favourite memories. The Angelsey Abbey put on a light show for us. It took them all day to set up and we could only watch for 20 minutes as that’s all Fraser could manage. Our other cherished memory was when Stuart and I renewed our wedding vows. Fraser had always asked where he was in our wedding photos, so the care floor at the hospice was decorated, a cake was made and it was a day we’ll never forget.”

Carla, Fraser's mum

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“EACH has made a huge difference to our family and also the way we look at our lives now. I was so upset when we were told Libby would need hospice care and had all these sad, depressing images in my head. Then we went to Milton and it was so warm and welcoming. I felt happy. This was somewhere we, as a family, could make some amazing memories, meet other families and receive support."

Kirsty, Libby's mum

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“We felt at home at the hospice. It was a place associated with playing and as a family we felt a calm when we arrived there. I can’t explain how much harder I think everything would have been if Phoebe had died in the clinical environment of the hospital. I can’t fault the care Phoebe had at the hospital, but at the hospice it’s just so different; such a different environment. The worst day of our lives was made easier by some of the most amazingly kind people I have ever met"

Zoe, Phoebe's mum

Meet some of our Milton staff

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