End of life care

The overall aim is to provide holistic symptom management, care and support for those who are nearing end of life. Care by EACH staff may be provided in the family home, in the hospice or at hospital, depending on the child and family's preference. Care required will by guided by the young person's Advance Care plans together with the other professionals involved within the family's care.

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What you can expect during care at end of life

We aim to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible during their end of life care; and for care to be well planned and coordinated (using the Advance Care Plan document as necessary). This will involve members of the EACH team regularly assessing and responding to your child’s symptoms, care and support needs.

You are likely to be asked about your preferred place of death for your child. In most situations this can be at home, in hospital or at the hospice. Planning for care at end of life is guided by your child and family preferences alongside the expertise of professionals involved in your child’s care.

For more information on care at end of life please read our family information leaflet here.

Wellbeing support

If anything on this page has affected you in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact your care coordinator.

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