Our research

We share our expertise with colleagues in our sector and work in partnership with health, social care and education colleagues to ensure continuity of care. Take a look at some of the research we have been involved in.

Tina Howlett

Scientific posters

Developing & implementing a Training Needs Analysis to better understand the training & education needs of a multi professional children’s palliative care (CPC) workforce (2022)

Buccal opioid use for pain and dyspnoea for children with palliative care needs during end of life care

Developing a Regional Specialist Children’s Palliative Care Service: Analysis of Caseload and Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Care Activity between 2010 and 2020 (2022)

Supporting Parents of Children with Palliative and Complex Health Care Needs in a Time of Crisis: A Health and Social Care System-wide Response (2022)

Adapting a Long Term Ventilation (LTV) service for Children and Young People (CYP) in a Hospice Care Setting – Development of Senior Care Assistant (2021)

Published papers

Journal articles

  • Norman, C. and Maynard, L., 2019. Buccal opioids for breakthrough pain in children with life-limiting conditions receiving end-of-life care. International Journal of Palliative Nursing25 (10), pp.472-479.

Book chapters

  • Maynard, L.  Fundamental principles of effective symptom management in neonatal palliative care.  In: Mancini, A., Price, J. & Kerr-Elliott, T. (eds). 2020.  Neonatal Palliative Care for Nurses.  Springer Publications.
  • Orr, K.  In memory of…..terminal illness and bereavement. In: Itczak, M. (ed). 2021.  Pediatric Medical Art Therapy.  Jessica Kingsley. 

Other resources

If you would like to extend your research beyond EACH's services, there are numerous databases and journals available to you. Here are a few:

The Martin House Research Centre is a partnership between Martin House Children’s Hospice, the University of York (Department of Health Sciences and the Social Policy Research Unit) and the University of Leed's Academic Unit of Palliative Care.

You can explore the Centre's research here.

Having an NHS Athens password enables you to access a range of healthcare databases and carry out your own literature search. You can register for a password at www.openathens.nice.org.uk.

Useful databases:

BNI - a very good source of UK nursing literature
CINAHL - covers worldwide literature from nursing and other allied health literature
Medline - a huge database covering all aspects of health and medical literature
PsycINFO - a prime source for psychology and psychiatry literature
EMBASE - particularly good for pharmacological literature
EMCARE - comprehensive nursing and allied healthcare literature

Access the databases here.

If you're looking for literature specifically relating to children and young people's palliative care, Synopsis is the place to go.

Published twice a year by Together for Short Lives, it contains hundreds of articles drawn from medical, nursing and social care journals.

You can view issues from the last five years or search the online database. The latest issue December 2020 is available.

If you're looking for high quality evidence based resources covering all areas of health and social care, try using NHS Evidence.

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