“The experience and talent these people bring to the table is incredible and it’s hard to put into words how phenomenal they are” – EACH’s dedicated retail volunteers play an ‘invaluable’ role but extra help is always needed

Hard-working charity shop volunteers have been hailed for the “amazing, invaluable” role they play in supporting a leading children’s charity.

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) has 19 premises across Norfolk, including a busy Retail Distribution Centre, in Thetford.

All function with the help of tireless volunteers, but more are always needed as the charity’s fast-growing retail operation gets bigger and bigger.

Sally Rix is North-East Relief and Cluster Manager, overseeing shops in Attleborough, Beccles, Bowthorpe, Diss, Long Stratton, Plumstead Road, Norwich, Poringland, Unthank Road, Norwich, and Wymondham.

She started as a volunteer herself and was speaking during the charity’s ‘Don’t pass by, give volunteering a try!’ campaign.

The recruitment drive is shining a light on the various roles available – from serving customers to sorting and pricing donations, dressing windows, steaming clothes, testing electrical equipment and listing items on eBay.

Posters and flyers are on display in every shop, while volunteer stories are being shared online and via social media.

“In my role, I see and meet lots of volunteers and without them, we wouldn’t be able to do our job,” said Sally.

“They’re so invaluable to our organisation. They get things done by sorting, serving, pricing, steaming – to name just four jobs – and are amazing.

“The experience and talent these people bring to the table is incredible. It’s hard to put into words how phenomenal and fantastic they are.

“They can do just about anything, to tie in with their skills and interests.

“We have some that are very good merchandisers, dressing windows and displaying things within the shop.

“Others are very strong on brands, so good at pricing, others enjoy sorting, and others are very good on the till, because they’ve got such great customer-service skills. They love chatting to customers, which is so important.

“We also have eBay champions, which really boosts our income, and people who love working with clothes and our Style with EACH brand.

“There are so many jobs and there’s definitely something for everyone.

“My advice to anyone interesting in joining us would be ‘just do it’. It’s so much fun and extremely rewarding.

“By volunteering, you’re doing something positive to support our charity but I know you’ll also get something from it yourself, because you’ll feel great, meet new people and make new friends.”

Sally’s EACH journey began when she started volunteering in Unthank Road.

Then, when one of the shop managers in the area moved on, she was encouraged to throw her hat into the ring.

She got the job before becoming a relief manager and then a cluster manager.

“As a volunteer, I loved meeting new people from different walks of life, learning about their skills and experiences,” added Sally.

“We had so much fun together and there was a strong social element, because we’d often go out with the manager and deputy manager.

“To be honest, it’s not something I’d anticipated doing.

“However, I was in the shop one day and a lady on the till told me they were particularly short of volunteers at that time.

“I was only working part-time so felt in a position to help. Initially, it was just an hour or so here or there but I ended up doing more and more.

“I loved it and continue to feel very strongly about our organisation.”

To find out more about volunteering for EACH, pop into your local shop, visit each.org.uk/volunteering, email volunteering@each.org.uk or call 01223 205183 (option four).

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