“It’s great here and our first impressions are very good. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming and I feel sure we’re going to enjoy it” – husband and wife Paul and Mary would recommend volunteering after joining the team in Clacton

A husband-and-wife volunteering duo have joined forces to show their support for a leading children’s hospice.

Paul and Mary Slattery, who moved to Clacton in December, recently started helping at the town’s East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) shop

The couple now dedicate two afternoons a week to help in the popular store, with Mary serving on the till and Paul as a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) volunteer.

They are no strangers to supporting a charity, having previously spared time to help in Portsmouth’s Rainbow Centre shop.

“After retiring, we were determined to stay busy and active and it was always in our plans to volunteer,” said Mary, 77.

“That was how we got involved with the shop in Portsmouth and it was the same when we moved to Clacton.

“Our family said they knew it was only a matter of time before we found another charity shop and we’re lucky we’re able to do it together.

“It’s important to have something to do and we look forward to our afternoons here every Wednesday and Thursday.

“It’s lovely doing something positive to help others and we also enjoy the social side. It’s definitely something I’d recommend to others.”

Paul and Mary had lived together in Portsmouth since 2012.

They swapped coastlines late last year as Mary wanted to be closer to her son, who lives in Clacton, and daughter and grand-daughter, in Colchester.

While Mary serving customers, Paul loves being in his ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, surrounded by donated electrical items.

“I’ve always enjoyed tinkering around with things,” said the 69-year-old.

“I find it interesting and it’s nice being able to use skills and knowledge from my working life, as I spent my whole career in industry.

“Electronics was my field and I hate throwing things away. It’s amazing how much decent stuff is donated.

“Obviously it’s early days here but I remember getting some very unusual, quirky bits and pieces when I was volunteering in Portsmouth.

“Someone donated a cigarette dispenser from the 1920s, which went for £70.

“We also received a table lamp made from a ram’s horn and a solid gold, 14-carot gold watch, both of which were sold on eBay. Amazing.”

Mary also enjoys tapping into the skillset she developed during her working life.

“I’ve always loved working with money, which I did during my career with Eastern Electricity,” she said.

“I also love being able to chat with customers.

“It’s great here and our first impressions are very good. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming and I feel sure we’re going to enjoy it.”

EACH recently ran a three-week volunteer recruitment campaign, to highlight the different roles available in its 48 shops and Retail Distribution Centre, in Thetford.

Called ‘Don’t pass by, give volunteering a try!’, the campaign shone a spotlight on different opportunities available – also including sorting and pricing donations, dressing windows, steaming clothes and listing items on eBay. Other roles include being a key holder, listing and sending books and being a driver’s mate, heading out to distribute goods, including collecting and dropping off furniture.

To find out more about volunteering, pop into your local shop, visit each.org.uk/volunteering, email volunteering@each.org.uk or call 01223 205183 (option four).

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