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Looking for an adrenaline rush? Dive into adventure and experience the thrill of jumping from great heights!

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Join us on Saturday 28th September 2023 on Beccles Airfield to be part of #TeamEACH and tick a tandem skydive from 10,000ft off your bucket list, all while raising much needed funds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

To secure your place, we ask that you pay a £50 deposit and commit to raise at least £395 for the fantastic experience. In return, providing you have reached the £395 fundraising target, EACH will cover the full cost of your Tandem Skydive.

Self-funding your jump is also an option and will cost £230. If you choose this option you can still fundraise for EACH in the run up to your jump! If you would like to self-fund the jump please contact and a member of the team will be in touch.

To book today, hit the ‘Book Now’ button, contact UK Parachuting on 01502 476131 or email for support.

If this is to late in the year for you click here to sign-up to our April skydive!

Events details

Price  £50+
Date September 28, 2024
Venue Beccles Airfield, Benacre Rd, Ellough, Beccles NR34 7XD
Venue Beccles Airfield, Benacre Rd, Ellough, Beccles NR34 7XD

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What if the date of 28th September doesn’t work for me?

Not to worry, you can skydive for EACH on any date that works best for you, at either our Beccles or Peterborough jump sites. The main difference on the team jump day on the 28th September in Beccles is we will have an EACH cheer team there and there will be other people jumping for EACH. To book any date that suits you, please visit Charity Skydiving with UK Parachuting – Charity Skydive of a Lifetime

How do the costs work?

You sign up and pay a £50 deposit to UK Parachuting. We ask you to fundraise £395 before your jump date, so we can pay your jump costs (£180). This leaves us with just over £200 to continue providing vital support to families across East Anglia. Alternatively, you can self-fund your jump. This means that you are happy and able to cover the £180 cost of your jump yourself. You can choose to pay upfront when booking or just before your jump day.

How long will my skydive take?

The time of arrival to the drop zone is stated on your confirmation. There is paperwork to complete before we can take you to your tandem briefing and getting into the air. Allow half a day for your experience, but you may be done sooner. Spectators should arrive with you at the same time to guarantee seeing you. (Dogs are allowed as long as they are on leads.)

Is there a weight limit?

For a tandem skydive, the weight limits are:

  • 15 stone 8lbs (100 Kg) with clothing for men
  • 15 stone 6lbs (99Kg) with clothing for women

Are there any age restrictions?

Young and old can participate in skydiving as long as you are physically fit and healthy. UK Parachuting has a minimum age limit of 16 years old. No maximum age limit, although the elderly need to be healthy and physically able to perform a skydive.

What if the weather is bad the day of my jump?

Skydiving is weather dependent, and your safety is our first priority on your jump day.

UK Parachuting will assess weather conditions on the day and their safety officer will make the call on whether it is safe to jump or not. If you cannot skydive due to weather conditions, we will reschedule you for another date of your choosing.

Can my family and friends come to watch me and take photos?

Yes your friends and family are welcome (and encouraged!) to come and support you on the day of your jump. There are areas on the Drop Zone that are prohibited to spectators so please look out for the signs demarcating the prohibited areas. At Beccles, there is a skydive diner where hot and cold snacks, meals and drinks can be purchased.

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