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Focus on spiritual care at EACH

Read on to find out more about the development of spiritual care at EACH, and how spirituality is not necessarily about religion…

A short history of spiritual care at EACH

Alex South, EACH’s Lead Chaplain, has seen many changes during her 19 years at EACH. Starting her career as a nurse when our Norfolk hospice was in Quidenham, she then moved to help set up the original Ipswich children’s hospice in the bungalow at Walker Close. 

Alex has always been passionate about spiritual care being part of the holistic package of care EACH offers to families, and has developed our spiritual care from a one-day-a-week project while working as a nurse, to the core component of EACH care that it is today.

Spiritual care at EACH today

Alex is ​Chaplain for The Treehouse, as well as Lead Chaplain for EACH, overseeing spiritual care across the whole organisation. Sue Price is ​Chaplain at Milton. We also have volunteer Chaplains at all three hospices, from a number of different faiths. The volunteer Chaplains have a very clear model to follow, with clear boundaries – they attend the hospice in an informal way, allowing families to meet up with them to talk through anything they wish – they never push their own religion, but are available for families to connect with if a particular faith is important to them. We are constantly developing our links with faith groups, and hope in time to have connections with local Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Humanist groups. As well as providing a service for families, the volunteer chaplains and contacts aid staff understanding – which in turn helps staff to respond better and more appropriately to the needs of families from different faith groups.

However, spirituality is not all about religion – it can be about a search for a sense of hope, meaning or purpose, and questions about these themes can be particularly powerful at difficult times. Spiritual care is about supporting families from any faith or none in dealing with these big questions, in a way that suits their individual needs.

For more information about spiritual care at EACH, please contact:

Milton: Sue Price - sue.price@each.org.uk

The Treehouse and The Nook: Alex South - alex.south@each.org.uk

  • The play specialists are excellent and I also get inspiration from the activities they organise. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • Renee loves going to The Treehouse, but it’s great that care staff are also able to visit us at home too. Stacy, Renee’s mum
  • I didn’t realise hope was a gift until I became a mum. My little boy taught me many things and that was one of them Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • I really love going to the hospice. I’ve made friends there and get to do loads of fun stuff. Renee
  • Children like Lucy don’t get the opportunity to go to sleepovers or to their friends for tea, so the interaction she has at the hospice is priceless. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • I can’t imagine what it would have been like. Nobody should have to, every family should be offered the support we were, and are still getting Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • When we first heard about the hospice we were apprehensive because we didn’t know what to expect. When we got there we realised it was a lovely place where Renee would be well looked after, and we would be able to have a much-needed break. Stacy, Renee’s mum
  • EACH helps us to create lovely memories and has played an important part in all of our lives, not just Lucy’s. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • It’s been a great opportunity to meet other parents in a similar situation, something that doesn't really happen anywhere else. Helen, William’s mum
  • EACH has helped us keep Stanley’s memory alive. And allows us to look to the future Brad, Stanley's Dad
  • We are also supported by the 24/7 True Colours nurses and it’s so reassuring knowing we can call on them whenever we need support or advice Helen, William’s mum
  • We arrived at the hospice feeling scared and alone. We had so many questions – they answered them all and more. Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • EACH helped us with coping mechanisms and special ways of remembering Stanley. Brad, Stanley's Dad
  • EACH supports families when they’re at their absolute lowest, helping them to come to terms with their child’s illness, losing them and beyond Brad, Stanley's Dad

The Treehouse

St. Augustine’s Gardens,
Ipswich, IP3 8NS


Church Lane, Milton,
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The Nook

Pigot Lane, Framingham Earl
Norfolk, NR14 7PX