Virginia's story

"My father, John Leathley Chater, was an Anglican priest for over 50 years. His love for this beautiful part of our country was founded in his time as a regimental soldier in the East Anglian regiment; although he travelled widely, he never lost his love for this, his favourite place. He was a wonderful, intelligent, vibrant man. At home, he was a devoted husband to our mother and a loving father to us – their four children. Throughout our lives there were always books, poetry, music and especially his passion, amateur dramatics. There was always a story to be told, a song to be sung.

"In his work as a priest, he devoted his time to the communities he served. He was a passionate supporter and servant of those less fortunate in his congregation, driven by his desire to see a world of fairness and equality. He invested his time selflessly. He was especially devoted to supporting children in his community, there was always a Sunday School each week, which he led with his typical humour and enthusiasm. Our father hadn’t told us about leaving money to EACH – we only knew when his solicitor read out his Will. But we were happy. It made complete sense. Our father’s last act was to ensure he could continue to support the ‘jewels’ he had fought so passionately for in life – in his beloved East Anglia. It is a great comfort for us to know that in this way he will be continuing his life’s work – and I hope that others will be inspired to follow his example in supporting such a worthy charity."

My father always said that children were the ‘jewels of life’. His gift to EACH reflects his love of children – and of East Anglia.

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