Roger and Ann's story

"Roger and I have been involved in EACH right from the very start. We knew the people who came together to set up the first hospice and we were glad to volunteer. Back in those days it was all hands to the pump. I’d come in to do the administration while Roger did the books. When we had a coffee morning, I’d be in the hospice making drinks, Roger would be out organising the car park.

"As the years passed, and the hospice grew, we continued to give our time. We would both come in on Tuesdays and help where we could, supporting the staff, playing with the children. Everyone called us “The Grandparents” – I think they liked having us there, making the hospice feel more homely!

"We’re unable to volunteer anymore, but we still keep in touch. We’ve visited all the hospices and it’s so lovely to see how they’ve all grown and developed now, the wonderful facilities they have. And this has all come about because local people keep giving their support, just as it’s been our privilege to do for so many years.

"We didn’t have to think twice about leaving a gift in our Will to EACH. The children matter so much to us; this is how we can make sure we can continue to support them when we are no longer here."

We’ve supported EACH for over 30 years. Leaving a gift in our Will means we can continue to support local children once we’re no longer here.

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