Summer Appeal

At EACH, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to children with life-threatening conditions and their families. This summer, we need your help to continue making a profound difference in their lives.


George's story

George Radcliffe was a vibrant three-year-old with a thirst for life. His world was full of adventure until a devastating diagnosis in May 2022 revealed he had Rhabdomyosarcoma, a malignant tumour. Despite intensive treatment and a clear scan in January 2023, the tumour eventually returned. After this, George enjoyed a wonderful summer, creating precious memories with his family at our hospice in Milton. He found joy even in his final days:


Even towards the end, when he was too tired to play, he didn’t want to be stuck in his bedroom. He wanted to be on the sofa on the care floor, looking through the doors and watching out for birds and squirrels. [...] They treated the end so sensitively and cared for George so beautifully.

Lisa, George's mum


The impact of your support


By supporting EACH, we are able to provide wellbeing support not just for parents and siblings but for other family members too. Our care extends across the entire family, helping them navigate through incredibly challenging times with dignity and support. Ellen, George’s grandma, reflects on her experience with EACH:

As a grandparent, it was devastating. You don’t expect to outlive your children, let alone your grandchildren, and to lose my gorgeous grandson, while also seeing my daughter and son-in-law suffering, was heart-breaking. I felt a failure, because in my mind, it should be my job to shield and protect them both, to be the strength they needed.

What I didn’t expect was the support I personally received from EACH. I was in complete shock (and still am, to be honest) but will never forget the way I was welcomed and looked after.

Ellen said she didn’t know how she’d have coped without EACH. Will you give £25, or whatever you can, so we can help other families?

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could gift 10 syringe driver batteries for use in continuous medication delivery for children receiving palliative care.

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could gift 2.5 hours of emotional support from a counsellor, helping families cope during the more difficult times.

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could gift a day of expert nursing and symptom management care.

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