An update on our service developments

An update on our service developments

Feb 22, 2019

You will recently have received a letter from Tracy Rennie, EACH’s Director of Care, to update you on progress with the changes we are putting in place to improve and develop EACH’s services. The notes from the recent Family Lunch events are available to download here:

Family Lunch Notes (PDF)

The following is a summary of progress:

  • The new care management arrangements are in place; we have reduced the number of care managers to increase the number of nursing care posts.
  • All families have been allocated a Family Co-ordinator; your Family Co-ordinators will have introduced themselves to you. There is more detail about the role in the Family Lunch event notes (see PDF link above).
  • The Care Assistant training including new skills such as administering medicines is being completed through January and February 2019. In the future, this will mean Care Assistants are better able to support the delivery of short break care when Nurses are needed to provide symptom management and end of life care. We are hopeful that this will reduce the need to cancel short break care going forward.
  • We are currently advertising the Nurse and Care Assistant vacancies and are looking at new ways to attract staff to work for EACH. Unfortunately there will continue to be disruption to short break provision at times as we respond to end of life care need. This is likely until training and recruitment has been completed.
  • We have started our new approach to working with families by asking what support would make a difference to you and your family at this point in time. Your views are then considered by our multi-professional team to see which elements of our service may be offered to best suit your needs. The aim is to ensure all families have equal access to our services based on your personal needs which will vary at different times, rather than a standard offering based on defined ‘threshold/eligibility criteria’. We will continue to review this personalised service offering at least annually.
  • We are continuing to develop the way we work to support all families’ emotional health and wellbeing, including bereavement support.

When we discussed this with families at the Family Lunch events they said it would provide a service which is ‘personalised to each family and their individual circumstance’ and the services will  be more ‘flexible and adaptable so that they can change with you [the family]’. Families said this feels a ‘fairer way as every family has different things happening at different times and may need more or less care for a short time’.

Family members who attended the Lunch events noted our difficulty in trying to explain in writing what the service redesign means for families in a way which suits everyone, and that for some having a conversation is much more helpful. Your Family Co-ordinator is available to talk to you further should you so wish.

We will continue to provide updates to you directly as well as through Family Corner and here on the website.

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  • EACH helped us with coping mechanisms and special ways of remembering Stanley. Brad, Stanley's Dad
  • Children like Lucy don’t get the opportunity to go to sleepovers or to their friends for tea, so the interaction she has at the hospice is priceless. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • Renee loves going to The Treehouse, but it’s great that care staff are also able to visit us at home too. Stacy, Renee’s mum
  • EACH has helped us keep Stanley’s memory alive. And allows us to look to the future Brad, Stanley's Dad
  • The play specialists are excellent and I also get inspiration from the activities they organise. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • When we first heard about the hospice we were apprehensive because we didn’t know what to expect. When we got there we realised it was a lovely place where Renee would be well looked after, and we would be able to have a much-needed break. Stacy, Renee’s mum
  • I really love going to the hospice. I’ve made friends there and get to do loads of fun stuff. Renee
  • EACH supports families when they’re at their absolute lowest, helping them to come to terms with their child’s illness, losing them and beyond Brad, Stanley's Dad
  • EACH helps us to create lovely memories and has played an important part in all of our lives, not just Lucy’s. Heather, Lucy’s mum
  • I can’t imagine what it would have been like. Nobody should have to, every family should be offered the support we were, and are still getting Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • We are also supported by the 24/7 True Colours nurses and it’s so reassuring knowing we can call on them whenever we need support or advice Helen, William’s mum
  • We arrived at the hospice feeling scared and alone. We had so many questions – they answered them all and more. Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • I didn’t realise hope was a gift until I became a mum. My little boy taught me many things and that was one of them Claire, Jacob’s mum
  • It’s been a great opportunity to meet other parents in a similar situation, something that doesn't really happen anywhere else. Helen, William’s mum

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