Helping you child deal with their spiritual thoughts and feelings


It is important to remember that spiritual thoughts and feelings are as much a part of the growth process for children as their physical, mental, or emotional development. However, in a world where we are quick to look at everything from quite a scientific and logical standpoint, children’s spiritual needs and spiritual stages of development can be easily missed or not given the attention and support they need.

Many children actively search for spiritual understanding, and this begins at a young age. Children will say what they feel, wanting to talk about spiritual experiences they have had or questions about life and death they might have, in a very matter of fact way.

Children's thoughts and feelings about God or other spiritual themes appear to be a natural part of human development, a search for some force in the universe that represents eternity and the absence of change. Even children who are not raised in a religious home are likely to ask spiritual questions, especially when someone they love is very unwell or has died.

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