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If you're caring for a child or young person with a life-threatening illness, often for 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can feel like a huge strain has been placed on your family life.

We hear families telling us that their lives are governed by the timetable of nursing and medical needs.

Our day care and short break services aim to ease this pressure.


Visiting your home

Our care team can visit your home to relieve you of your care duties or you can bring your child to the hospice for care either during the day or overnight. There's often the option of staying with your child at the hospice too if you would like - all of our services are tailored to you.

Use of our rooms

While at the hospice your child will have access to other services - the use of our sensory room, specialist play, art and music therapy among others.

Getting in touch

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Other kinds of support

Physio and occupational therapy


Symptom Management

Specialist play

Art therapy

Music therapy

Care at end of life

Sensory Rooms

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