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As you know, over the years EACH has developed a wide range of groups, sessions and events for families – and we’ve really missed seeing you all over the past few weeks! So, the good news is we’re very nearly ready to launch some groups and activities online! 

This is a brand new venture for EACH and we have been busy exploring some exciting options. Very soon, you could be invited to a virtual group that you’ve already attended in person, such as a music, story and activity group, or it could be a new session like a ‘cuppa-catch-up’. 

To hopefully make it easy for everyone we will be using an online platform that only needs you to have a device with an internet browser. 

Just so we can gauge interest and organise invites, can you please let us know if you would like to join in? You can simply phone or email your hospice administrators using the details below, confirm the email address you would like us to use and we will do the rest!  

We look forward to e-seeing you all soon!

01223 815100

The Nook
01603 967596

The Treehouse                       
01473 271334

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