Little Matthew raises more than £100 for EACH after enjoying our Bubble Rush bonanza

Big-hearted Matthew Hercog-Chan was bursting with pride after tackling a popular Bubble Rush event and raising more than £100 for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

The spirited six-year-old celebrated his birthday the day after but, instead of having a party, asked family, friends and classmates to sponsor him.

Matthew, who loves space, maths, languages and learning to play the guitar and ukulele, took part in the King’s Lynn Bubble Rush, at The Walks, on 26th September.

He completed the circuit twice, clocking up 5 km, and was joined by proud dad Steve and mum Aga.

Steve said: “It was a fantastic day and Matthew loved his first ever Bubble Rush.

“We’re incredibly proud and he was determined to raise as much as he could for EACH.

“Instead of a party, we decided to attend the event and turn it into an adventure weekend, asking friends and family to sponsor him and make a donation rather than buying a present.

“People were very generous and we received lots of support after setting up a Facebook page. A couple of staff members at the hotel we stayed in the night before even gave £10.

“There’s still more to come but he’s already raised more than £100. It’s been very humbling.”

Matthew, Steve and Aga live in Dunton, near Biggleswade, in Bedfordshire, and Matthew spoke about his Bubble Rush experience during a ‘show and tell’ session at school the following Thursday.

“He felt blessed to take part and we printed out some photos, so he could tell his friends and classmates all about the day,” added Steve.

“Matthew ran most of the two laps and I was so impressed he kept up the pace.

“At one point he looked up at me and said ‘it’s not about winning, it’s about taking part’ so he’s a very mature little boy.

“He was shattered afterwards but had a big ice cream after he completed the race as a reward and still happily went off to school the next day.”

Matthew, who got a ‘shout out’ on the loudspeaker before the event, said he loved the experience and definitely wants to do it again – hopefully next year.

Mum Aga is a big supporter of EACH and said: “I can only imagine how difficult it must be for some children and families.

“As a family, we always try and do what we can. It’s not a lot but hopefully helps.”

Overall, 905 people attended the Bubble Rush which, so far, has raised £17,800. Anyone who has sponsorship money still to collect is urged to pay it in as soon as possible!

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