Frozen Light present 2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie

2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie follows a group of rebels living outside the system. Join Frozen Light’s Archivist-Rebel in Residence as they guide you through what life was like in 2065.

Tickets cost £10 and go on sale Monday 8th November 2021. The last round of tickets sold out in 31 hours, so if you want to experience the movie be sure to act fast!

Order a movie ticket and you will also receive a sensory box in the form of a Rebel Pack by post. This box will be full of the smells, tastes and textures of 2065. The Rebel Pack is accompanied by a movie link to watch as you explore your sensory items.

Everything you need to experience 2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie will arrive in the post with your Rebel Pack, including instructions on how to access the movie itself.

Each box is designed for one person with profound and multiple learning disabilities (aged 14+) and their family/companion.

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