Daredevil siblings take to the ski slope and enjoy a well-earned day of adventure

Siblings Archie, Mia and Freddie Tarrant enjoyed a day of high-speed fun when they tested their skills on a ski slope.

The trio, who live in Colchester, visited Suffolk Leisure Park as part of a special day organised by East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

The siblings’ event was for brothers and sisters of children receiving care at the charity’s hospice in Ipswich, called The Treehouse.

Archie, Mia and Freddie’s sister, ten-year-old Gracie-Leigh, has a number of complex, life-limiting health conditions, mainly involving her heart and lungs.

Mum Fay said her children had a fantastic time and were full of their ski slope adventure.

“The children absolutely loved it, as they always do with these sibling days,” said the 29-year-old, who has another daughter, Lillie-Rose.

“This was the first one they’d been to away from the hospice and they had an amazing time.

“I’ve heard so much about it since and I feel it helps them, in terms of being around other children in a similar situation.

“It helps them understand and makes them realise they’re not alone, as well as giving them a level of independence because I’m not there.

“This isn’t something we’d normally access as a family, because of Gracie-Leigh’s needs.

“It’s brilliant they got this opportunity and didn’t miss out. They got so much out of it.

“Family life can be hard and there’s no getting away from that.

“From my point of view, as a parent, I just want to keep the other children young and care-free.

“I don’t want them worrying about me and I feel guilty sometimes.

“We have to juggle things and although we do our best, we don’t get to do some of the things other families do. That’s why these sibling days are so important.”

While Archie and Mia, both nine, and Freddie, eight, were having fun at the ski slope, Fay and three-year-old Lillie-Rose took time out at The Treehouse.

Visits to the hospice provide much-needed and well-earned respite for the mum of five, who is engaged to Kurt.

“The support EACH give us is incredible and it’s not just the things on the surface – they dig down to the core of our situation,” said Fay.

“I feel slightly guilty to say that when we were first told about the hospice, I was very reluctant.

“In fact, I was adamant we wouldn’t go there and it took about a year for me to change my opinion.

“It felt like giving up.

“On the contrary, the support we’ve received as a family has been incredible and made the world of difference, both at home and at The Treehouse.

“As soon as we first walked through the door, I knew I’d got it wrong.

“My perception of the place changed straight away and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t gone in sooner.”

Fay is immensely proud of Gracie-Leigh, who, despite her health, continues to smile and shine bright.

“She’s exceeded all expectations,” she said.

“She has various life-threatening conditions, mainly involving her heart and lungs, and pretty much lived in hospital for the first year of her life.

“She’s had three heart operations and more than 200 anaesthetics.

“Despite that, she’s an incredibly happy, cheerful little girl and we’re so lucky she is who she is. I don’t know where she gets her fight and determination from.

“Her personality keeps us going. She’s the heartbeat of our family and at the centre of everything we do.

“My other children are fantastic, too, and so caring.

“They always want to help and get involved, which is so sweet.

“We’ve always got carers in the house but nothing fazes them. They’re just incredible.”


Notes to Editors

“I cannot imagine our lives without EACH now and I sometimes wish we hadn’t let the fear of the word hospice put us off for so long. We’re truly grateful for the constant support we receive.”

  • We care for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, and support their families.
  • We offer families flexibility and control over where they receive their care and support, including where their child dies – at home, in hospital or at one of three hospices at Milton (Cambridge), The Nook (Norfolk) and The Treehouse (Ipswich).
  • Our family-centred approach includes specialist nursing care, symptom management support, short breaks, wellbeing activities, therapies and counselling, all meeting the individual needs of the child, young person and whole family.
  • We are recognised as leaders in our field, with a reputation for excellence and commitment to pioneering development and innovation.
  • We rely on voluntary donations for the majority of our income and this year need to raise £5.5 million from fundraising and £5.4 million in income from our shops. The year before the pandemic we received just 16% of our total income from statutory sources.
  • EACH Royal Patron – Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.
  • For more information about EACH, including forthcoming events and how you can help raise funds, visit www.each.org.uk

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